Prusa is Leading the innovation in 3D Printing. His designs and his Continuing effort to bring the latest tech to the 3D world is why i love my Prusa Mk2S and can not wait till the MK3 arrives. 8.0

Great printer, a few too many cable zip ties in the build for my taste but it delivers solid quality for a price that is not matched by any other in the same print quality class. 7.2 

It’s an awesome maschiene! 7.6 

Really good machine, really good software but it requires a lot of maintenance like any RepRap machine. It is also very loud, unlike the new MK3. 8.0 

Best quality printer for the money, and can easy beat other expensive printers out there. 8.2 

Best all round 3d printer. 6.6 

Tiewraps to assemble the printer is a problem. The extruder is basically hidden from view. My last failed print had material completely covering the nozzle which I did not see it hardened then I could not remove it without disassembling the entire extruder assembly ended up having to replace the entire hot end of the printer. 7.8 

Best value for money on the market in my opinion, along with a print quality that rivals printers several times more expensive.

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